News from KP-TECH

1st April, 2018


Jacob Woosoon Baik becomes CEO of KP-Tech. Founder Mr Baik Senior, remains as President and Chairman.


1st OCTOBER, 2018


Construction completed on the brand new three-story 6,500m2 factory and offices site built to accommodate future expansion plus new modern canteen and QA laboratory.


1st OCTOBER, 2018


Complete overhaul and modernizing of the PVC calendar facility commences, with expanded output. Additionally, a new post- calendar to make jumbo rolls for coating and laminating was installed. cGMP upgrades were undertaken at the same time.


1st OCTOBER, 2018


Dedicated export division integrated into the company to manage international sales separately from domestic activities.


10th DECEMBER, 2018


Production in new cGMP production area with upgraded PVC calendar line commences.


1st MARCH 2020


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and urgent need for higher levels of PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment).


KP Tech has responded by moving Optical-Grade APET and Coating lines to begin coating both ANTI-FOG and ANTI- SCRATCH films to supply shortages of films for producers of clear FACE SHIELDS


This new product is called MEDISHIELD and all films are delivered with two-sided PE protective film in gauges from 200 micron to 1,0 mm thickness