Our Commitment to a Sustainable Work-place

and the Environment


Reduction means being environmentally aware and that all of our actions and manufacturing processes are audited for waste and reduction of resources.


It means using less disposables in the whole company and limiting the amount of time many of our employees have to spend using vehicles by providing nearby staff accommodation.


To reduce power demand, KP-Tech installed a massive ESS (Energy Saving System) storing power at night during low-demand to use during the day. Thereby reducing demand on the grid during peak times.



One of KP-Tech’s business model is based on repurposing for manufacturing, nearly a billion post-consumer PET bottles to make packaging films. Its sound business and benefits greatly the post-consumer recycling business for PET bottles that may otherwise have ended

up in a dump.


The company has internal recycling programs for paper, glass and aluminum as well as programs to take back post-industrial scrap from customers to assist them as

well in the recycling efforts.



This means energy audits and deploying the most energy-efficient production equipment available replacing older, more power-consuming machinery.


This also means looking into every aspect of our business to replace existing processes and procedures with more sustainable elements. This enhance efficiencies and design improvements, thereby eliminating as much waste from the system as possible for a more sustainable environment.